Website Statistics

Web Traffic Statistics for your website!

Now, you can see your website traffic reported in a collection of easy-to-read tables and graphs. Find out information on your visitors like:

Who is coming to your site -– by seeing the domains they're coming from.

How they found you -- where they found the link that brought them, whether it was a search engine (if it was, what words they used in their searched), or an advertisement, or a link on some other page.

What are they looking at -– which pages they're visiting.

What they're doing -- where they enter the site, which paths they take through the site, where they leave, and more.

How long they stay -- which pages keep people the longest, and how long they stay on the site before leaving.

When they're visiting -- which days got the most traffic, how your traffic is growing over time, which weekdays and hours are peak, and more.

With a set-up fee of $35 and $5 month, this is a great option for professional photographers wanting traffic information and statistics.

See an example of the Top Search Engines report below:

The "Top Search Engines" report show which search engines people are using to find your website.

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