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Why you should join Photography Organizations

Photography Organizations: Why should you join them… In my last article about the trade shows, I mentioned that I’m a big believer in joining your state photography organizations. So I thought I would explain my reasoning behind my statement. First off, you are expected to adhere to a Code of ethics. This helps you be a […]

Let’s Talk Photography Trade Shows

Hello everyone, Michael Connors here, CEO of MorePhotos. It is time for Photography Trade Shows to kick off a new season and that means time to get together with your peers, learn new ideas/technology and meet new people! This is the time to get energized, so let’s talk about how all of this can help […]



Top Twelve New Years Resolutions for Professional Photographers for 2015

                  Top Twelve New Years Resolutions for Professional Photographers for 2015 MorePhotos wants to wish everybody a happy and safe Holiday with a little motivation for the New Year. The new year is always a great time to look at last year’s goals. As the great artist that […]

DVD, Flash Drive, Download: Delivering client image files

After you photograph the session, edit the photos, and make the sale, delivering the images is next on the to-do list. For our discussion today we will look at three options for delivering image files to your clients: DVD, flash drive, and download. For a long while DVDs were they go to for most photographers […]


Senior Border 1a

Free Photoshop Template Tuesday

If it’s Tuesday, it must be time for Free Photoshop Templates by MorePhotos. And if it’s fall it must be time for HS Seniors to hand out wallets. Your seniors will love these great wallet treatments and they are super easy to use. Simply add your image on top of the image layer in the file. […]

Branding and Color

Branding and Color: What’s all the fuss? You have probably heard more than once that it is important to find your “Brand.” Like it or not it’s true. Each one of us is unique and an important factor in any website and logo is taking what we like and conveying it to our viewers. By […]

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MorePhotos New System Feature Coming Soon

With the new system design we have made it so you can change your websites look with the seasons, to automatically turn on and off with the dates you choose…  What do you think of this cool new feature? Would you use it?

MorePhotos Photoshop Templates and Storyboards

One of the new features being considered with the debut of our new Online Manager, is a resource folder that will contain storyboards and templates that MorePhotos customers will be able to download, free of charge… Free is a very good price! Do you think this feature would that be useful for you? Below is an […]

10x20 Storyboard

It’s Almost Here!

For 18 years MorePhotos has been a leader in the Photographic community providing websites/e-commerce shopping carts to professional photographers. We have taken everything that was great about our system and are in the final stages of producing MorePhotos Gen 2! As we enter our last phase of production, we are asking our users, and even those that use […]