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MorePhotos continually enhances the tools it provides professional photographers. The features currently available allow photographers to market, manage and sell their photos.

200+ Features of MorePhotos
Software Features
PhotoManager Software (33)
OrderManager Software (25)
Cart & Online Features
Cart Features (23)
Security Features (3)
Website Management (11)
Event Management (15)
Customer Management (7)
Cart Setup (34)
Cart Management (22)
Account Management (3)
Account Features & Services
Website & Email Services (3)
Support Services (6)
Integrated Business Solutions (11)
Account Add-Ons (7)
Marketing Services (3)

PhotoManager Software
Event Creation/Upload
Select your images and set up your event information for upload. You can upload images for active, coming soon, inactive or album events as well as portfolio images, product samples and web images.

Merge with Existing Event
Add additional images to an event that has already been uploaded.

Activate Coming Soon
Upload your images to a coming soon event and activate the event.

Load Event from History
You can load an event from history if you need to repost it.

Event Profiles NEW
Create multiple event profiles for different types of events to streamline your workflow and save time.

Multiple Build/Load Types
When you load images into the software you can choose how those images will build the event or events. The build can be a single event and include images in subfolders, subfolders as categories or disregard subfolders altogether. You can also build multiple events using subfolders as the events.

Choose from your event groups to upload your event to in order to keep your events organized.

Event Information
Customizable event details including name, password, location, date, archive date, expiration date, event notes, etc.

Thumbnail Size Options
Choose whether to upload your thumbnails as 100x100 or 150x150 pixels.

Viewing Size/Fullsize Options
Choose from multiple size options to upload your full viewing size images, ranging from 250x250 up to 600x600.

Digital Image Fulfillment NEW
When using Digital Image Fulfillment, you can upload the digital images to fulfill Digital Image Products for instant download.
Color Options
Choose whether you want the event images to have black & white and/or sepia display options.

Image Search Options NEW
You can choose to load the EXIF image data and use it for image caption/keyword search. You can choose to use the filename, foldername, header date, or header caption.

Force Search
Set the event to force a caption/keyword search which requires the customer to type in an explicit keyword (password) on the images to access specific images in an event.

Welcome Page IMPROVED
Set the event to have a welcome page which can be used as a detailed greeting prior to accessing their event.

Watermark IMPROVED
Multiple watermarking options including customizable font and size or upload your logo to use as the watermark. You can adjust the position and transparency of the watermark.

Event Thumbnail NEW
You can choose to use the first image or any one of the loaded images as the event display thumbnail in your event list display.

Custom Order Message
Customize the order confirmation email that is sent to your customer when they place an order.

Price Sheets
Select which price sheets to attach to the event for uploading.

Default Event Settings NEW
Define the default settings for event creation including the upload action, event profile, build type, and default image folder.

Optional Fields Display NEW
Enable or disable the display of optional fields like event name 2, event code, reference #, event location, and password.
Warnings NEW
Set the application warnings such as the expiration date being less than a certain number of days, selecting multiple sheets, not selecting any sheets, or sending an event with no images.

Naming Style
Select how your files are named for uploading. You can choose between filename only, folder_filename, or parent_folder_filename.

Auto Apply Camera Rotations
Your images can automatically be rotated based on EXIF image data.

Jpg & Tiff Images Only NEW
Exclude images that are not Jpg or Tiff images from loading.

Remove Dashes from Captions
Choose whether dashes are removed from captions.

Enable/Disable Complex Folder Drop NEW
Enable or disable the function that allows you to create complex grouping structures when dropping images.

Save Events to Event History
This feature saves your uploaded events to an event history for later re-upload.

Event Reminders
For events with expiration dates, you can set event reminders to be emailed to customers prior to event expiration.

XML Event Data Import
This feature allows you to import event information from an XML formatted file created by other software.

Order Event Images NEW
You can choose how your images are displayed after uploading based on the system default, by date or alphabetically.

Multiple Users NEW
With this feature you can create subordinate logins for multiple users with limited access.

Multiple Domains NEW
Allows you to add and manage multiple domains without having to use multiple installations.

OrderManager Software
Select/Deselect Multiple Orders
Select or deselect multiple orders from list for fulfillment. You can select all new orders or authorized orders.

Vendor Items
View a list of vendor items and choose individual or all items to fulfill.

Item Contents
View the individual image items in a product.

Item Image Details
View the image details of the item in the order including filename, path, and event it was ordered from.

Image Swapping Tool
Locate and swap out your images with this tool.

Export Order Data
You can export order data to a variety of third party applications such as GraniteBear Photo One, SuccessWare, OrderBridge, and Essence Photo.

Customer Order Data
View the original order information from the customer.

Upload Status
With this, you can track the current progress of the upload to the vendor.

Billing Information
Modify the billing information that is sent to the vendor including contact and payment information.
Shipping Information
Choose where you want the orders shipped. Your choices are ship to consumer, you, or another address.

Show Secure Login Screen
Protect access to sensitive customer information by turning on the login screen at startup.

Show FTP Commands
Used in conjunction with support to troubleshoot connection issues you might have.

Set FTP Timeout
With this setting you can make custom adjustments if you have slow connection speeds.

Uncheck Items After Status Change
Unchecks all the items in an order after you change the status.

Queued Items Notification
Set a notification when all queued orders have been successfully sent.

Copy Self-Fulfill Orders
Choose a location on your local machine to store a copy of your self-fulfillment orders. You can optionally choose to store them in subfolders based on order number.

Start OrderManager at Export Page
Have OrderManager go directly to the export page on startup to save time.
Enable Cropping Management
Enable or disable the cropping functions.

Show Images Crop List
Will give you a list of images that do not match the product’s aspect ratio within the percent you set.

DPI Warning
Will give you a warning when the resulting DPI for an image is less than a specified amount.

DPI Preference
Set your preference for the minimum DPI.

Use Vendor DPI
Choose whether to use the vendor defined image DPI for the product if present.

Best Fit Crop
Choose whether you want to automatically apply the best fit crop. This can still be overridden manually.

Consumer Crop
Choose whether you want to automatically apply consumer defined crops. This can still be overridden manually.

Cropping Tool
Allows you to rotate and crop images to product specifications.

Cart Features
Password Protection
Sensitive events can be protected by password. Events can also be public by not giving it a password.

Event Search
Allow your customers to search for their event.

Keyword/Caption Search
Allow your customers to find their images fast with the use of keywords as captions.

Organize your events into groups for your customers to quickly find their event.

Welcome Page
Create a welcome page so your clients can receive a detailed greeting before accessing their event. This is a great place to display your terms and/or policies as well.

Watermarks & Protection
Images can be protected by watermarking them. Cart system also prevents right-clicking on images.

Customers can save their favorite images for ordering later or re-ordering.

Multiple Viewing Options
Your customers can view by thumbnails, fullsize images, slideshow or side-by-side two image comparison.
One-Click Ordering NEW
Your customers can add all selected images or all images from their favorites to their cart for ordering with one click.

Email a Friend
Your customer can email their event with the event information to their family and friends for ordering.

Social Network Sharing NEW
Your customer can post their event on Facebook, My Space, or Twitter to share with family and friends.

Your customers can get an up-close view of their images when you use this feature.

Color Display Options
Your customers can view their images in color, black & white, and sepia.

Album Proofing IMPROVED
Allow your customer to view, proof and order albums.

Consumer Upload
Allow your customer to upload their own photos and order from your price lists.

Archived Events NEW
Create events that need to be available to your clients for an extended period of time. You can charge any amount for customers to access the event.
Pre-Sell Products NEW
You can create and sell from a price list when there are no images in the event. This is great for pre-selling.

Consumer Cropping NEW
Allow your customer to indicate a desired crop of an image they are ordering. Images are not acutally cropped. Instead the crop information is saved and available in the order.

Quantity Discounts
Allow your customers to save money when ordering more of one item.

Order Discounts
Create discount incentives for your customers to save money on their order. These can be an amount off or percent off, based on date, order amount or code.

Gift Certificates
Create gift certificates for pre-orders or incentives to order to take a designated amount off the order total.

Secure Checkout
Our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) secured checkout enables us to provide the highest industry standard of 128-bit-encryption.

Return Customer
Convenient login for returning customers when they create an account upon checking out.

Security Features
Image Protection
We provide several protection features for your images including watermarking, no right-click, and disabled print for large images from the cart.
Secure Online Management
Secure online management using your account login information and Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
Secure Checkout
Secure online order tansactions using Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Website Management
Company Name/Logo
Customize your site with either your company name or upload your logo.

Layouts & Site
HTML, Skin Creator, Flash or Full Screen Flash Layouts, 100's to choose from.

Custom Site Wrap
Already have a site design? You can seamlessly integrate our cart into it.

Homepage Gallery
Show off your best work on your homepage. Simply upload your photos. Many transition effects to choose from. Available on Flash and Full Screen Flash Layouts.
Keywords/SEO Optimization
Keywords/SEO Tools for all of our layouts to help you get traffic from search engines to your site.

Create as many site pages as you need with easy-to-use page building tools. Create redirects, HTML pages, or Flash pages.

With a variety of portfolio layouts to choose from, creating and changing out your portfolios is easy with the software.

Site Page Photo Galleries
Add a photo slideshow gallery to your site pages. Select from multiple transitions and pre-defined music.
Site Page Links
Link to your blog, email, an event or event group, guestbook, mailing list, consumer upload tool, order status, album, or portfolio.

Splash Page NEW
Link to your Flash site and HTML version of your site, includes photo thumbnail option. Also includes social media icons and links and SEO tools.

Website Music
Upload your mp3s to play on your site. Available on Flash and Full Screen Flash Layouts.

Event Management
Event Customization
Create your event with event name, date, location, event code, notes, categories, color display options, and expiration date with or without reminders.

Auto Expire Events
Set your events to automatically expire to help manage your online events and keep it organized.

Expire Event Notification
When you utilize the Auto Expire Events feature, you can opt to have an email sent to your customers to notify them 7 days before the expiration.

Forced Keyword Search
This feature requires an explicit keyword on the images to protect sensitive images in an event. Only images matching the exact password/keyword are displayed.

Order Confirmation Emails
Have one or many email notifications sent to your production team to alert them of new orders.
Welcome Page
Create a welcome page so your clients can receive a detailed greeting before accessing their event.

Event Image Thumbnail
Display an image for your each event in the event list.

Archived Events NEW
Have your events go into an archived state. This reduces the cost of having your event images active but still allows for last minute orders.

Coming Soon Events
Create an event with the basic information you will be uploading and capture email addresses from your customers to be notified when the event is available.

Image Rotation
Forgot to rotate your images before uploading? Use the image rotation tool.
Image Categories
Organize your event images by categories.

Image Deletion
Uploaded images you didn't intend to? Use the image deletion tool.

Image Captions
Create captions for your photos. Your customers will be able to search by them.

Event Search
Search by name, event code, event ID, location, date or event type to quickly locate and manage your events.

Event Groups
Create multi-level event groups to organize your events.

Customer Management
Customer Orders
Complete list of your customer orders which can be viewed with or without a thumbnail of the images ordered.

Customer Order Status
Utilize the order status to track the progress of your orders. When this feature is combined with the Order Status Site Page, your customers can look up the status of their order.

Customer Order Search
Search by first name, last name, order number or order status to quickly locate and manage your customer orders.
Order History
View a complete history of all of your orders. Get a quick view of your monthly sales each month.

View all of your customer's favorites they have created. Includes the date created and last accessed, and customer email and password.

Export Profiles IMPROVED
reate profiles of data to export such as customers, orders, order history, favorites, and tax information. Export to Excel (.xls), Text File (.txt), HTML, or Quickbooks (.iif).
Email Profiles IMPROVED
Customize automatic emails to your customers when they place an order, create favorites, when an event is about to expire, etc. Also create custom emails to send to event specific captured emails, such as favorites accounts.

Cart Setup
Order of Events
Order your events by event name, most current first or most current last.

Event Display
Display your events in a list format with or without thumbnails, by event search box or by event password box.

Date Format
Multiple date display formats to choose from.

Filenames Under Thumbs
You can choose whether to display the filename under your thumbnails in your cart.

Order Tools Under Thumbs
You can choose whether to display the order icon tools (zoom, add to favorites, and order) under the thumbnails in your cart.

Show Page Numbers
You can choose whether or not to show page numbers in the cart.

Pre-populate Dropdowns NEW
You can choose whether to pre-populate the image dropdowns in your price list with up to 100 images from the event.

Collapsible Product
If you have long price lists, your products will show a condensed line for the product when you use this feature. The customer can view the details of the product when they click to expand it.

Pre-select Images for Packages NEW
The images in packages will be pre-selected with the image the customer clicked on before going to the order page when you use this feature.

Consumer Cropping NEW
Allow your customers to indicate how they want their images cropped.

Page/Cart Background
Choose between white or black cart backgrounds when using HTML or Skin Creator layouts. If you use the Flash or Full Screen Flash layout, the cart background is based on the color scheme of the layout.
Show Company Contact Info
Display your company contact information througout the checkout.

Cart Tab Links NEW
Choose whether or not to display the Event List, Upload Photos, Favorites, and Cart/Checkout tab links. You can also customize the names of these links.

Minimum Order
Set a minimum order amount. Customers will have to meet this minimum prior to checking out.

Home Site/Main URL & Email
Define your primary website and email address for the cart system.

Capture Event Visitor Emails
Require your customers to type in and submit their email prior to event viewing.

Email Notifications
Turn on or off email notifications for new orders, new favorites accounts, or order status changes that are sent to customers.

Invoice Contact Info
Customizable contact information to display on your invoice.

Default Language
Choose your default language for the cart. Available in English, Français, Español, Português, Deutsch, Czech, and Dutch.

Languages to Show
Choose the language options to allow your customers to switch to their language in the cart. Available in English, Français, Español, Português, Deutsch, Czech, and Dutch.

Default Country
Select the default country for the checkout.

Archived Events
Access Fee
Modify the cost for your customers to access archived events.

Move to Group When Archiving NEW
Choose a group to have your events archived to.
Archived Events
Gift Certificate
Set a gift certificate amount to customers that will be sent to customers once they pay for archived event access.

Remove Event Password
When Archiving
Choose whether to remove the event password when events are archived.

Keyword Search Box Text
Customize the keyword search box with your own text.

Copyright Message
Choose the copyright message to display in the cart.

Payment Methods
Modify the payment methods and the type of payment methods you accept.

Mail Checks To
If you accept checks, you can modify the text where you want payment sent.

Checks Payable To
Designate how you want checks made out.

Tax Profiles
Create as many tax profiles as you need to collect appropriate sales or use taxes. You can utilize our built-in, up-to-date tax data or define your own profiles.

Real-Time Processing for Credit Cards
Accept payment for credit cards with one of our integrated merchant gateways. Services available:, SecurePay, DirectOne, eProcessingNetwork, Internet Secure, Pay Junction, Plug n Pay, SecPay, Money Movers, PayGate and TransFirst.

Real-Time Processing for SpeedChex
Accept payments through your SpeedChex account.

Accept payments through your PayPal account.

Cart Management
Integrated Vendors
Using our integrated vendor products can allow you to offer a wide variety of products in addition to your existing product line. Vendors will print and drop ship your orders for you, giving you back valuable time.

Digital Image Products NEW
Sell digital images in a variety of sizes and resolutions. When combined with the Digital Fulfillment feature, orders for these products can be automatically fulfilled when the order comes in. Can also be used with OrderManager for fulfillment.

Product Templates NEW
We have created several templates for common products to reduce time for you to create them. These templates are customizable after importing.

Master Products IMPROVED
Create a product listing of your master products for easier management.

Price Sheets IMPROVED
Create multiple price sheets for different types of events.

Multiple Product Types
Create multiple types of products including a single and multi-image products, non-image products, and packages.

Non-Image Products
Sell products that do not require an image printed on it.
Multi-Image Products
Create products that can have multiple images printed on it like posters.

Package Products
Create a package of multiple products that can have multiple images printed on them. You can add any combination of single image, multi-image or non-image products to packages.

Limited Pose Packages NEW
You can limit the number of poses available to the customer in a package up to 5.

Product Input Options
Create input options for your customers to type in customizable text on products like team name, school name, etc.

Product Select Options
Create options for your customer to select from a drop down list like color choice. These options can have additional costs associated with them.

Quantity Discounts
Create discounts for your customers to entice them to order more of a specific product.

Product Photo
Choose a photo to display as a sample with your product information.
Create multiple discounts for your customers. Highest discount is applied at checkout once they meet the criteria.

Amount Off Discount
Create an amount off discount based on order date, total order amount or code.

Percent Off Discount
Create a percent off discount based on order date, total order amount or code.

Gift Certificates
Create gift certificates for your customers based on a code they enter which can be re-used until the amount is depleted.

Shipping Sheets
Create multiple shipping options for your customers.

Flat Rate Shipping
Create a flat rate shipping amount.

Unit Based Shipping Rate
This type of shipping is based on the total quantity of items the customer has ordered.

Order Total Shipping Rate
This type of shipping is based on the customer's order total.

Account Management
Action Logs
View a history of changes on your account including date the change took place, type of modification and by whom.
View up-to-date counts for active and archived peak images.
View and print your account invoices.

Website & Email Services
Domain Registration
We give you the tools to register and manage your domain name.
Host your template site, existing site, or link your existing site to our system.
Email Accounts
Receive up to 3 email accounts when you host your full domain with us.

Support Services
Unlimited Technical Support
We provide friendly and knowledgeable phone and email support on premises.

Searchable FAQ's to answer general or more technical questions you may have about the system.
User Guide
A complete step-by-step instructional manual to help guide you through system setup and maintenance.

Video Tutorials NEW
Instructional and advanced video tutorials to help teach you how to use and maintain the system.
System/Network Status
View current network status or planned maintenance scheduled.

MorePhotos Talk NEW
Photography and support forum designed to bring the power of the MorePhotos community together to offer help and support for your photography business.

Integrated Business Solutions
Mannage your events directly via Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Export order information to your Quickbooks software.

Print Lab/Vendors
Integrated with multiple print lab/vendors for you to increase your product line, saving you time and money.

Export event/job information from PhotoLynx into PhotoManager for uploading.
Granite Bear/Photo One
Export order data from our system to PhotoOne software.

Export order data from our system to SuccessWare software

Spots (DRUMS)
Export event/job information from DRUMS software into PhotoManager for uploading.

Photography Processing
Provides payment processing services and a full spectrum of additional merchant services at competitive rates.
Merchant services via a reliable business partner.

Accept payments with the world's number one online payment service.

Orders can be sent to your DP2 print system.

Account Add-Ons
Consumer Uploads
Let your customers upload their own hi-res images for ordering through your site.

Digital Fulfillment NEW
With this feature you can send a digital image when you upload an event which will be used to fulfill Digital Image Products. When using real-time processing, digital images are instantly delivered to your customer. If you do not, the images are delivered once the order is approved.
Guestbook IMPROVED
This feature adds guestbook functionality to your site to allow visitors to sign it.

Mailing List IMPROVED
With this feature you can create mailing lists of suscribers and email campaign newsletters. This is a great marketing tool.

Site Statistics
Website traffic/statistical information to see how your site is doing.
Let your customers preview their event images in a slideshow format.

Let your customers preview their event images with a zoom feature.

Marketing Services
FREE Advertising For Wedding Photographers on our huge wedding site at Add a directory listing or add your photos to the WeddingDetails Image Rotator.
Free Marketing Links
Get listed for free on our PartyDetails portal site at
Market Place
Offer your photography product or service or buy or sell new and used equipment for FREE at

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