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Stephanie Dubsky Photography   Southwest Florida s Premire Photography Studio
Stephanie Dubsky Photography
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Featured Photographer Of The Month: Stephanie Dubsky

Family Beach Portraits are my specialty. I am fortunate to have been born and grow up on Florida’s Southwest Coast where the beaches make a stunning backdrop for gorgeous portraits!

Stephanie Dubsky Photography - A proud MorePhotos Client

Portraits on the beach may look simple enough but are anything but. Besides the family dynamics which always keep portrait photographers on their toes, there are many other factors involved with creating memorable Family Beach Portraits.

First of course, is the light. We start around an hour before sunset for the “sweet light”’. A few clouds can soften the light and ad a more dramatic, colorful look. There are times, especially in the winter, where the sky is clear and the bright sun turns everyone’s skin orange! That’s where my studio light comes in to help fill shadows and balance the color a bit.

At sunset the light is changing by the second, and our set ups and camera settings need to continuously change as well.
Other challenges include: wind, sand, background people and beach furniture, thunderstorms, posing people on the sand (not everyone is that limber), and the one thing I won’t take chances with, lightning.

That is just the “photography” part of my work. There’s scheduling, advertising ,networking, post production, retouching, archiving, labs, shipping, finances, taxes, website maintenance, festivals, social media, bookkeeping, emails, phone calls, studio maintenance, camera and computer updates and maintenance and continuous education.

I created my company in 2006 and it has been my fulltime job for over eight years. I now have three part time employees. One thing that help keeps me motivated is the positive feedback I receive from my clients. As much as I love my work, I do make time to relax or play! It’s all about balance.

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Contact Information

Stephanie Dubsky 941-587-9869


I have a half price session brochure which works alongside of my business card.
I offer a 20% discount off all of my Prints, Wall Portraits and Canvas Gallery Wraps when ordered within a week.

Areas of coverage

My area of coverage includes Longboat Key, Lido Key, Venice Beach, all of Anna Maria Island and the famous Siesta Beach.

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Stephanie Dubsky Photography   Southwest Florida s Premire Photography Studio
Stephanie Dubsky Photography