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Featured Photographer: Jonas Grushkin with Photogenesis Photography

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Jonas Grushkin, Portrait of me taken last year, on our property in Durango CO


Jonas Grushkin

Photogenesis Photography

Durango, Colorado


My love for photography goes back 50 years. I built my first box camera at age 10. My father, Philip Grushkin was a world renowned book designer, calligrapher, had me printing B&W images and photographing portraits on a Zeiss Conterax Bullseye camera. My favorite lens was that Sonnar 90mm 2.8 lens, Wow! I was later asked by the Grateful Dead to document their fans in the early 80’s and went on to publish the very successful book “Grateful Dead, Official Book of then Deadheads. While running Photogenesis Photography in La Honda CA, I worked as a carpenter resurrecting barns and pursued my love for piano as I did a west coast tour with a blues band. I moved to Durango Colorado in 1992 raising two boys. We built a totally off the grid home and photo studio. The story about our land and my work as a photographer is detailed on my web site:

Today I work primarily as a portrait photographer. Whether on location or in the studio, I strive to get to the heart of ones personality and capture that in a humble, candid, humoristic, reflective and honest way. My clients always appreciate the almost invisible way I conduct myself in a photo assignment, allowing the subject to guide the flow of images, as this photographer silently steals moments. I believe in simplicity in a photograph, the less elements the better.

Digital photography has expanded the range of tones and focus, beyond what the human eye and brain are used to seeing . My rule of thumb for budding photographers is to break a photo down to its simplest elements for its greatest impact. Shoot manual and bracket. And try, try, try not to keep looking at the back of the camera. That one amazing image might have crossed your lens while you were distracted.

I can be reached through e-mail, or Facebook: Grushkin Photography or at my studio: 970-259-2718. I am available for location work on a moments notice and would love to discover new personalities in unusual places for that creative spark!

I appreciate your time, hearing my story and my love for photography! I would love to hear from you!